How to maintain and clean glazed tiles


The so-called glazed tiles are ordinary brick glaze after high temperature and high pressure firing, this tile is made of soil and glazed surface of the two parts of the composition. The role of glazed is mainly to increase the appearance of brick and increase the role of ceramic antifouling function. Here we talk about glazed tile cleaning and maintenance techniques it!

First, glazed tile cleaning

1, tiles daily general can stain spots can choose detergent, soap and other cleaning.

2, with soap plus a little ammonia and turpentine mixture, cleaning tiles can make tiles more shiny.

3, polished tiles should be regularly waxing treatment, the interval is 2-3 months is appropriate。

Second, the maintenance of glazed tile Cheats

1, the surface appears black spots

When the glazed tiles appear "black spots", do not just use the tile cleaner, the personality is acidic, acidic will corrode the brick surface gloss, to observe what stains are caused, and then select the professional targeted detergent, if Is the quality of glazed tiles, can directly contact the manufacturers to replace, and even to the Consumer Association complaints。

2, glazed tiles appear stubborn stains

Tiles are often greasy, rust, rust and other stains, especially tiles seams easier to filth. For the continued porcelain surface clean and not damage the porcelain surface bright, can use the multi-functional cleaning paste for cleaning, you can first use a toothbrush dipped in a little detergent to remove dirt, personality is the gap in the tile, and then at the gap with a brush brush You can not only prevent water seepage, but also to mold growth.

3, glazed tiles appear metal scratches

Brick surface, such as the emergence of ferrous metal scratches, can spray a little descaling king, wait a minute or two, wipe with a dry cloth can be removed, brick and brick cracks can be used from time to time with the scale of dirt, Waterproof agent, can be anti-mold growth。

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