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With Guo Lanying a "boast local production", "put the casserole shiny" has spread throughout the land of Sanjin. But more people do not know, it is in the rich shiny crystal casserole put down, a hundred years ago to produce exquisite Zisha civilian goods, had "South Yixing, North has a flat" reputation.
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   In the early years of the Republic of China, the provincial government governor Yan Xishan vigorously promote the strategy of saving the country to save the country, he saw the plowing of coal and iron resources and purple sand, decided to introduce technology from Yixing, Jiangsu, in the flat set up civilian factories. In 1914, Jiangsu Yixing Zisha artist Wu Yungen, Yang A, Li Baozhen three technicians were invited to come to Pingding transfer skills, and soon produced a number of ornamental value and practical value of the purple products, opened a flat production of purple sand A new history of products. But with the current situation changes, put aside Zisha flourished after a while, silence for nearly half a century. Until the 60s of last century, flatten the handicrafts Association under the large valley porcelain factory on the new Zisha project, once again to Yixing to engage Zisha artists to Pingding transfer skills, Zisha production process in the flat again to fall blossom. But soon also discontinued. At the beginning of reform and opening up, Pingding County reed pool village started Zisha plant, Yixing technician and calm the fate. For various reasons, flattened Zisha products after the rise and fall of the final did not form a climate.
   In recent years, the county industrial association in the strong advocacy and the unremitting efforts of all walks of life, the development of revival of the purple sand industry was again mentioned. At present, interested in the settlement of the purple sand industry is not only the revival of traditional crafts in the past, there are a group of industrialists. Now the county has emerged Pingdingying Yu Ceramics Co., Ltd., put down the ancient kiln Arts Co., Ltd., Pingding shiny crystal casserole Limited, Pingding crown kiln pottery pottery Co., Ltd., Zhang Wenliang carved porcelain Culture Co., Ltd., Culture Co., Ltd. and a number of a certain size of the production enterprises. Parents who are under the tutelage of Yixing technicians from the state-level arts and crafts master Zhang Wenliang, his son Zhang Hucheng specifically sent to Wuxi Wuxi Technology Vocational and Technical College. In the 1960s, he had studied the craft of Wu Yaping and Ding Baozhu from the Yixing technicians. He has been obsessed with the technology of Zisha. Recently, he has set up purple clay products production enterprises in Pingtian County, which has been set up in the year. R & D center has also been set up recently. County Industrial Associations repeatedly organized the relevant personnel to Yixing find a study, study tour. Yixing aspects of the purple sand production enterprises also put aside the rich Zisha resources and Yixing's technical origins are very interested in the year has come to settle the raw material origin, re-sampling, testing, testing.
At present, Pingding Yingyu Ceramics Co., Ltd. has been put into operation, to achieve mass sales. In September, Zhang Wenliang father and son have also produced a new purple products. It is foreseeable that a spring of rejuvenation is coming.

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